Story of Purim

purim, story of purim

Jewish holidays which are also known as Jewish festivals are celebrated among the Jewish nations.

They are referred to as festivals because their history and origins can be traced back in the ancient times.

Some of these festivals are recorded in the bible.There are major and minor holidays, and their holidays begin at sunset of the evening before the date specified for the celebration.

One of the major holidays is Purim which will be celebrated this year on March 12, Sunday.

The story of Purim is written in the bible, book of Esther, a beautiful woman who lived in Persia.

Purim is the most joyous celebrated holidays among the Jewish.

Purim 2017

This year Purim holiday celebration will start on the evening of Saturday 11 March and proceed into Sunday 12 the following day.

Purim celebration is founded on the commemoration of the day the Jewish people who lived in Persia, got saved from being exterminated by the king of Persia.